My Client Testimonials

“Mary wields Quicken like a magic wand to keep my financial picture organized. She is also a unique and major contributor to the project of re-organizing my life following a traumatic brain injury. With uncanny perceptiveness and her natural caring, ‘Magic Mary’ runs a very healing financial and spiritual intensive care unit!”

—L.B., Advanced Nurse Specialist, VA

“…your gift of financial counseling has been one of the greatest gifts and joys of my life. You have helped me uncover the madness, and have even found humor with it!”

—M.M., MBA Student, VA

“Mary your work with me has been an enormous gift. I’ve grown and accomplished the things we set out, but even more so, something has shifted for me and I find myself living on a higher plane.”

—A.Y., School Psychologist, PsyD, NYC

“I have been working with Mary for over ten years. Before we met, I had a terrible problem with overdrawing my checking account and generally spending more than I could afford. Mary helped me to break through some of the emotional issues that were complicating my ability to be financially organized. I have accepted that number crunching is not my strong suit and that monetary consultation from time to time is simply something I need. Mary helps me to stay on top of things in a caring, non-judgmental manner. She has been a great support through the years.”

—Social Worker, MD

“Sweet Mary, your greatest gifts to me all these years are your patience and incredible humor, your extaordinary gift for languaging truth, and your steadfastness. You never give up on me, and I am so thankful for this. “She can be taught!” While I may “fly thru the ethers with the greatest of ease,” travel in and out of time, and walk and talk with Spirit, you continue to help me reconcile, ground, and keep track of my earth energy. You have ‘baby-stepped me’ beyond my deepest financial challenges with and around the energy of money, into calmer waters. And I am ever, ever grateful.”

—D.F., Essence Practitioner/Teacher, VA

“Working with Mary has taught me to appreciate money as a teacher and a tool instead of condemning it as a source of frustration. Every visit with Mary is like a spiritual facelift that centers on financial issues. The concepts that I learned through working with her apply to all aspects of life. They have improved my life tremendously…”

—K.M.A, Attorney, VA

“This is the best think I have ever done for myself…it has taught me ‘how to fish’ to feed myself rather than being ‘given a fish.”

—S.B., Graphic Designer, Washington, D.C.

“Mary brings to the personal financial world a vision of what tomorrow can be…unlike others who counsel through the rear view mirror.”

—G.G., Consulting Engineer, VA

“I have known Mary Patsel for approximately 15 years. Before we met I had heard about Mary’s talent for healing money issues from a few of her clients, but I was fearful and so it took me 2 more years to contact her. At that time I was in my early thirties and had a very negative relationship with money. I had grown up in poverty and operated under the assumption that other people had money, security, jobs they enjoyed and could plan for the future, but that I could have none of these things. I did own a small, old car which was always falling apart, and had just enough money to live in a small apartment and get back and forth from my job. I had no savings, no credit established and no retirement. I finally contacted Mary when I wanted my life to improve.

On my fist visit I knew she was dedicated to helping people become self sufficient with finances. She conducted the session with practical methods and I felt very comfortable because Mary was open and seemed to understand not only my situation but also my feelings about it. She had no judgment about my past habits, only a desire to help me learn new ones. That day we touched on some of the core issues of why my finances were so unmanageable and Mary gave me tangible steps to take to create a new way of handling money.

Today my finances are completely different than they were back then. I now own a home, two vehicles, have retirement plans, am working on a Master’s Degree and regularly fund two college accounts for my children’s future. My work with Mary helped me to heal the barriers that were in my way and also gave me the tools to understand money.

I reached out to Mary again in 2003 for help with other issues related to my small business and to relationships: in other words, life coaching. At that time I lived several states away, so Mary and I began this new focus using regularly scheduled telephone appointments. This current work is positively affecting all aspects of my life, from managing personal and business finances to relationships with work colleagues and in my immediate and extended family. My husband has recently joined our coaching sessions after years of observing the positive benefits in me. Mary’s style has suited me well; she has her feet firmly planted on the ground while her heart and soul are connected to spiritual energy. Our schedule is stable and at the same time flexible for times when events and opportunities arise. Mary is always respectful of where I am in the process; she does not make much use of the words should or but, yet has asked me how much accountability I would like to incorporate into our relationship.

I highly recommend Mary to anyone who desires financial or personal life coaching!”

—Library Science Specialist, DC